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Sheds & Barns ~ Lawn & Landscaping ~ Outdoor Furniture ~ Fresh Produce

Family owned and operated since 1984. For more information on any of the services or products we offer, please call Dianna Stafford’s cell at (443) 277-5308

Sheds, Mini Barns, Garages, Shelters

From Start to Finish

Special orders. Site preps. Delivery. Custom Designs. Custom order or BUY from the lot and save! Quality Craftsmanship. Level, plumb sites. Always neat and tidy! No job to BIG or small! Contact: Dianna Stafford 443-277-5308

Lawn Care & Landscaping, Property Maintenance

Quality & Excellence

Grass cutting. Spring and fall clean ups. Mulching. Edging. Tree work. Lawn seed and feed. Full demo and landscape design. Delivery of mulch and stones. Call Dianna: 443-277-5308

Poly Outdoor Furniture

Colorful Comfort

Quality made. Warranty. Best pricing. Buy from our lot or custom order. Contact: Dianna Stafford 443-277-5308

Meat & Dairy, Fresh Produce

Straight from the Farm

We offer local, fresh, quality meats & dairy products, and fruit & vegetables to our neighboring communities. Buying locally grown produce is not only good for the environment and the economy, it’s also great for your health. Shorter time from farm to table means there is more nutrition intact upon consumption. Call Dianna: 443-277-5308